Lil’ Kitten Shopping Cart Game

I have been looking for an app, for some of my higher functioning older clients,  that I could somehow incorporate some life skills into and make it fun. This is one of those apps, granted it’s geared towards younger kids but it still works and the kids love it!  I have been using this app for the last two weeks now and its great fun  and its FREE!!

 The premise for this game is simple your mom gives you a shopping list and certain amount of money to spend- don’t  go over your budget or the game is over  and if you save money you get to keep it and buy toys at the toys store.  So there are lots of skills to be worked on here:

 Problem solving/Negotiating– Where in the store are the things on your list located?

Asking questions– Asking the store clerk where a certain item is if you are unsure what aisle it is on.

Real life applications Take out that play/real money, write your list out, get your calculator and add up your purchases. Calculate the savings 🙂 or find out if you spent too much 😦