Here is a real simple app released today called Image Spinner. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad for .99 cents.  It’s simplicity is what gives this app a lot of potential. You can virtually use this with what ever skill you are targeting:  articulation, receptive/expressive language, pragmatics etc…

You are able to to choose from 3 to up to 10 pictures to place on your spinner.

Here is an example of a /r/  cluster  spinner board.  You tap the screen and the spinner randomly lands on a picture.

Here is another example of a spinner.  We were working on opposites (The pictures on the spinner also are puzzle pieces). My client would spin the spinner land on a picture, find the matching puzzle piece and then find its opposite. It  was very motivating!

As I play around with this app I envision adding pictures such as emotions, verbs, or even sight words.

So there you go, a cheap simple app that has lots of potential!  With a little help from a creative therapist of course!!  Have fun 🙂

Image Spinner iTunes Link  <—