A Functional App Search

Quixey makes your search for Apps  functional.  You do not need to know the specific spelling or even name of the app. What Quixey does that is unique and different from tradtional ‘keyword’ searches is that it expands it’s scan of the web to sites, blogs, forums, and even social media to ‘learn’ what apps can do. Quixey then takes all that and crunches the data, figures out the platforms, and makes it searchable.

So let’s take a look at it in action:

I ran a search for articulation  and Quixey gave me this:

At this point it gives you the top Apps it thinks is useful for Articulation. You can hit search or if you see something you like you can click on it.

I selected Sunny Articulation Phonology Test because I was interested in a app for artic/phono assessment. As you can see it gave me a cross section of information from across the app store, twitter, and even youtube.

Let’s take  further look at the data that Quixey compiles in it’s App Search.  On the left side bar it filters the search by platform  and paid vs free.  The search includes many platofroms like Android, iOS, Facebook, or even WebOs.  The left side of the middle column is a ‘snip’ of the App giving details of what it does the right side is a ‘snippet’ offering specific settings. Here is an example of a search for Angry Birds.

So there you go a cool efficient way to search for apps!