Story Lines

Story Lines is the old fashion game of ‘telephone’ that has been appified with a pictionary twist to it.  Someone selects the word or phrase and then passes the iPad to the next player who in turn has to draw the phrase, they then pass it on to the next player who has to label it. The game can be played with 3 to 9 players which makes it a great app for use in language groups. I have been using this app with my older clients and esspecially my social group that has a few teenagers in it.

What can you target with this app?

  • social language- using social scripts and having them draw it out
  • figurative language- discussing what the literal and figurative meaning of the phrases are
  • vocabulary- using targeted vocabulary words in phrases or sentences
  • articulation- creating phrases or sentences with target sounds for them to draw and repeat

I have found that its a great tool for teaching that abstract figurative language.  The student has to interpret what the phrase means by analyzing the literal and figuartive interpretation and then has to represent that by drawing it.

Here is an example video using the figurative term ” It’s raining cats and dogs”

This is a free app that comes in two versions:  Story Lines and Story Lines for Schools.  The Story Lines for Schools has built in Suggestions- pulling ideas from Elementary Words, Intermediate Words, Quotes, and SAT Words.

The coolest thing about this App is that you are even able to use it as an “app” right from your Chrome Browser. So if there are still those of you out there that has yet to take the plunge and get and iPad  well then pull out your laptop because you can use this too!!

Chrome Link: