Falling Stars by Trident Vitality

Here is an app that my mom, a COTA, recommended that I check out. I checked  it out and I have been playing around with it most of the weekend. It’s quite addictive and creates very catchy beats and of course the best part is that it is free.  It is app put out by Trident Gum, yes a gum company. It’s easier to actually show you what this app does than attempt to explain it to you so press play on the vid below and enjoy.


Therapy Applications:

I haven’t used this in therapy yet but I think my main use for it will be motivating my clients. I also think it will come in handy with children with autism and sensory needs. I can see it being used to rev a child’s “engine” up or down depending on what kind of sensory needs they have.  It would make a nice metronome-ish background music to keep a client on task. There are probably even some language applications like ‘long’ vs ‘short when making the different vines.  Occupational therapists can work on forming letters, copying patterns, etc..