If you are a parent or professional that interacts with someone with Autism on a daily basis I am sure you are very well aware of the fact that most children with Autism are almost completely oblivious to the great variety of emotions that people have. Most of my clients can identify the basic ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ pictures but do they really understand what these emotions mean or have they just been drilled to death with happy and sad faces on their daily school report card, visual schedules, etc…?

So let’s take a look at a few apps that can help children learn to identify and express emotions. The first one is somewhat basic but can be fun it’s called Emotions and Feelings .

With this app you are able to select emotions, draw emotions, and store and label pictures of your own emotions. It comes with six basic stock photo emotions pre loaded that are used as a model for you to base your drawings.

Once you select your emotion you then select if you want to be male or female

The emotions pictures within the app can be somewhat basic and abstract because a few babies are used, so with Custom Boards I created a simple chart of emotions.  I have my clients pick an emotion and then match it by drawing a picture of it.

Emotions Template  <–Here is the pdf  file to download.

Part 2 of this post will feature 4 more apps that  deal with emotions so stay tuned!