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Aunt Maggie’s Recipe

Aunt Maggie’s Recipe ($2.99 by Inclusive Technologies) is described as an app where you can “Brew your own potion with Aunty Maggie. First choose a character then ingredients to add to the cauldron to see what effect your potion has! Small targets and multiple choices make this activity suitable those wanting to practice touch accuracy or learn to make choices. Also with switch access.”  Here is a video demoing the app:

The app is pretty basic as it is limited to just picking a potion, adding it to the cauldron, and having your character drink it.  But, there are so many things you can do with this app.

  1.  Work on pronouns! There are two girls and two boys. So you can target he,she, his,him, her, etc…
  2. Following directions. First put in the blue potion then put in the red potion or Before you put in the green potion put in the yellow.
  3. Use it as a token board.  Have your student put one drop of each color in and when they have completed their work they are then allowed to have their character drink the potion. That makes it rewarding!
  4. Learning cause and effect. Have your student explore the app and see what happens when they tap each potion and then tap the cup.
  5. Color discrimination.  Lots of possibilities here!
  6. Teaching scanning to students using AAC.  A bluetooth accessible switch interface would be needed, you can find these at RJ Cooper’s or AbleNet’s websites.
  7. Predicting. Will it turn into a blue monster or a green monster?

So there are 7 quick and easy ways to Appdapt this App to use in therapy. Those are all examples of ways to just use the app but that can get boring, so I with a the help of some screen shots I turned the app into a  board game (pictured below).  The rules are up to you! The way I play goes like this : The kids in the app become the character pieces you move across the board and the basic goal is the get all five potions first. You do this by moving around the game board and placing a chip/penny on one of the colors you landed on.  The first to get all five gets to have their character drink for the cauldron. The student then will pick the monster card that matches the monster they turned into. Whoever gets the most monsters wins! Pretty simple and straight forward but you can add or subtract from those rules, they are up to you.

A game board made using Custom Boards

Click on the links below to make your game board today! (They are *.pdf files created with Smarty Ear’s Custom Boards)

1) Character Pieces-auntmaggies_children

2) Game Board-auntmaggies_gameboard

3) Potion Strip- auntmaggies_potions

4) Monster Cards-auntmaggies_monsters


Have Fun and Enjoy!  Please post some comments below if you like what you see and want more 🙂

Here is a really cool free augmented reality (AR) app called The Amazing Spider-Man AR available on both the App Store as well as Google Play which is bonus for Android users. I like to Appdapt apps that weren’t specifically made for speech-language therapy (if you want to see more Appdapted Apps visit Speaking of Apps a weekly blog I co-write on apps for Advance Magazine). If you are not familiar with AR apps they make use of your device’s camera and then overlay the graphics over what you are seeing. With this app you become Spider-Man which most of my clients just love (and also maybe that inner geeky slp) and you are able to web-sling webs all over anything you see with your camera.  Here is an example of a messy toy room.  You can have the child name objects they are web-slinging. ” Get the tunnel!” The webs are much clearer when you are playing live and they disappear quickly so it was tough to take a screen shot of them but I think you get the idea.

As a parent or clinician working with your child another use of this app could be during that dreaded clean-up time. This could help add that additional motivation to cleaning up the mess they just made. Have them “web-sling” each item before picking it up and putting it away.

Another use for this could be following directions or concept. First find the big ball and then find the little ball.

How about using some web-slinging to answer ‘wh’ questoins or to identify functions of objects? You’re creative try it out!

What lives in a nest?

You’re right! The owl is a bird and lives in a nest.

Here are some t-shirt ideas for the upcoming ASHA convention-#asha12. I wore a #slpeeps t-shirt, similar to Design A, to last year’s convention. This is a result of a recent twitter conversation with various #slpeeps, so I decided to throw a few designs together using so we can take a vote on what designs we like the best. I went with long sleeve for the first couple designs because I figured we would be in Atlanta in November and chances are it will be pretty cold.

Design A ( I wore a black short sleeve version of this last year)

Design B

Design C

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