Appdapted:  Zooburst 3D Pop-up Books

Zooburst is the latest in digital storytelling! It allows you to create free 3D pop-up books and share them online with others.  To create or read the books you must first register for a free account at It’s web-based so you will need a computer  with a web browser and Adobe Flash. Once you have set up your account you can then start creating or reading 3D pop-up books on your computer or iPad! When creating a book you have to login to your account on the website, click on New Book, and start creating!

The Book Builder on ZooBurst has over 10,000 searchable items that you can add to your books, plus the ability to import your own pictures. In premium mode you can add your own voice and sound effects too! To check out the pricing scheme and see the difference between free, premium, and school accounts click here —>Pricing

When you create your book there are a few ways you can read them: right from the website, using your computer’s webcam with a printed book code, or on your iPad.

When using the iPad you have a few options:

Story Codes:

Story codes are QR code esque and you use your Zooburst app in camera mode to scan it. The book attached to the code will magically pop up and you can start reading.

Book Viewer

The  iPad app Zooburst lets you view any 3D pop-up book in 2 modes.  You can use  Screen mode to interact with the book by tapping on any of the characters that have an exclamation point over their head. You can  navigate from page to page using the arrow buttons on either side of the book or by making gestures. In camera mode you use your printed story codes as shown above.

So how did I Appdapt Zooburst? Using the webcreation tool on I created a book called Ape’s Final /p/ Minimal Pair Adventure which focuses on final /p/ and uses minimal pairs. If you are unfamiliar with minimal pairs they are pairs of words where one competent is different, in this case they are words with and without the final /p/ sound.

The story includes these pairs of words:

  • beep-bee
  • soup-sue
  • rope-row
  • hoop-who
  • hop- ha
  • cap- ca
  • soap-so
  • nap-nah
  • pup-puh

Want to read Ape’s Final /p/ Minimal Pair Adventure or use it for therapy?

Download the Zooburst app and use the camera mode to scan the Store code below:

If you prefer to use your computer and check it out right now click on the picture below.