What did Snakey eat?  is one of  my favorite apps right now. The purpose of the game is to figure out what Snakey ate. I love it because its very simple but you can use it to target a variety of areas. It can be used to answer yes/no questions, question formation, problems solving skills, and categories.  For $.99  this is a hands down must buy!

 Yes/No Questions

Have the child answer the questions did Snake eat the sea horse, yes or no?

Question Formulation

1) What did Snakey eat?

2) Snakey did you eat the ______

3) Snakey why did you eat the _____?

4) Snakey where did you eat the ______?

5) Snakey when did you eat the ____?

6) Snakey how did you eat the _______?

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Inferencing skills

With this task the child has to evaluate the size and shape of the item in Snakey’s stomach and then compare it the the items in the skunk’s thought bubble. This will offer a variety of opportunities to work on both inferences as well as describing skills. What also is nice about the app is that you are able to pause it before your 3 selections pop up. I am not sure if this is intentional or is a bug in the game but its quite helpful.

Photo Skitch Document


Snakey eats many different objects throughout the game, all of which fall into the categories of: animals (jungle, zoo, ocean etc..), vehicles, instruments, food, clothes, and tools. So you can see the wonderful opportunity you have to work on sorting and identifying categories!!

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What did Snakey eat? The Card Game


I created a simple card game to be used while playing with the app. The cards can be used to make predictions on what Snakey will eat next, to make matches to what Snakey did eat, or to play a game of memory after you finish playing with the app. The cards are pretty open ended so you can work them into whatever you wish. There is also a Bingo board attached just use the cards and place them on the board. Have fun and be creative!  The cards are in a .pdf file you just need to print with your printer’s “print on both sides” option.

 Download the game here –> Snakey Card Game