With Thursday November 15, 2012 quickly approaching, there are probably some things you should check off your to do list.

These might include checking out the weather. I have never been to Atlanta before so I wanted to know what to expect.  So here is the expected forecast for the week of #ASHA12:

To streamline my organization I am using the Trip It app.  This is a cool app that you allow to access your e-mail’s inbox. It scans your e–mail for important travel info and then places on your Trip It Itinerary so you don’t have to fumble around with printed out info from the airlines, hotels, etc.. you have it all in one place, that is unless your battery dies ( so always bring a backup printed copy just in case).

If you checked out my #ASHA12 infographic you’ll remember that I mentioned last year’s online planner wasn’t much of a planner that included “ease of use”. If you haven’t taken a look at the planner yet here is the link http://www.asha.org/events/convention/program-planner/. What I did is highlighted all the sessions I am thinking about attending in the pocket planner. I am not sure why it’s called the pocket planner as you need some pretty big pockets to put it in. The pocket planner is found in the October 9th edition of The Leader.

After I highlighted all the sessions I want to attend I then went to the online planner. To select the session you want to attend you type in the session code number or do a search. To add it to your itinerary simply select the check box that indicates ” ADD TO MY ITINERARY”. This will save all your sessions to your itinerary where you will have the option to print it out or export it to a calendar app or Outlook.  I suggest exporting it to a Calendar I printed it out and it ended up being 14 pages, so save some trees.

Here are two examples of what my itinerary looks like using Android and iOS. I emailed myself the calendar file that the online planner generated and then opened it up on my Android phone and on my iPad. I suggest double and triple booking yourself just to give yourself some options in case the session sucks or there isn’t any seating available.

#ASHA 12 Itinerary on Android

#ASHA12 Itinerary on iPad