#ASHA12 Infographic

Pre-ASHA Convention Day 1


Made it to San Diego !!¬†It was a pretty quick and smooth flight from Phoenix ūüôā¬†¬† I chose to walk to the convention¬†center from my hotel The Holiday Inn on the Bay and it wasn’t that bad (about a mile and a half).¬†¬†When I arrived at the convention¬†center I saw this sign (pictured above), I looked at it for a second and thought¬† “Welcome¬†to ASHA¬†Convention”?, I really want to put a¬† “the”¬† in front of ASHA or is that just me??

Registration was easy they scanned my¬†bar code on my badge, gave me my lanyard and bag with the program in it.¬† Now it was off to¬†ask what the issue was¬†with the Personal Scheduler. For the life of me I was unable to¬†register for it,¬†I tried on two different computers and an iPad-¬†No¬†Luck!¬†¬†I know¬†I wasn’t the only person having problems with it.¬†Right?¬† (¬†If you had problems leave a comment below).¬†¬† So¬†a nice gentleman at the customer service desk¬†helped me setup my account¬†and showed me where the personal scheduling computers were¬†however they weren’t ready yet. After some exploring downtown and meeting one of the #slpeeps¬†@apujo5, I was ready to set up¬†my schedule. I entered all my courses I wanted to take and printed my schedule, and you had to be careful because you couldn’t just select the calendar to print -it¬†printed everything your calendar and every abstract for every course you selected-¬†some people were printing 50 pages.¬† Think we could save a few more treees next time and go with an app or something that looks like it was designed in this decade?

Next up was the ASHA¬†First Timer orientation¬†5:00-6:30pm, where they had some food and refreshments which was nice because by this time in the day¬† I was pretty hungry. Met some cool people¬†from Boston and interestingly enough Phoenix. There were so many¬†first and second year grad student as well, why didn’t I get to go in grad school??- thanks NAU!¬†I also got to meet¬† ASHA’s¬†president¬†Paul R. Rao ūüôā¬†He was very friendly and happy to meet everyone. I also gave him an earful about that darn Personal Scheduler¬† and he directed me to the right people to give feedback to.¬†¬† I also got my first two ribbons for my name badge at this event –

After the orientation to a the shuttle back to the hotel and crashed I ¬†was pretty tired ! Can’t imagine how I am going to feel after a full day of exhibit halls, poster sessions, and courses!!

Check Back tomorrow  for the Official First Day Post!

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